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Melanie Douglass is a registered dietitian, NASM-certified personal trainer, and AFAA-certified fitness instructor. Melanie is the Health Expert for the Salt Lake City, NBC-affiliate morning TV show, Studio 5, and has written two diet books.  In 2009, she started a cutting-edge health company, TONIC Fitness and became an international Nutrition and Fitness Presenter for health conferences all over the world.  In 2005, she was recognized by the American Dietetic Association as an "Industry Mover" for her work in developing innovative fitness and nutrition programs for the consumer market. Over the years, Melanie has consulted on health initiatives with Microsoft, eDiets, Kathy Smith Lifestyles, Jillian Michaels, Elizabeth Hasselbach, Podfitness, The Cooper Institute, lolo fitness and BeatBurn (the top-rated fitness app by Apple®), QVC, and the largest fitness company in the world, ICON Health & Fitness.

When she's not busy coercing her children to eat healthy foods, she loves listening to electro music, teaching TONIC and step aerobic classes, playing the piano, not-having-to-cook-dinner and eating in nice restaurants (ahem, you know, for research), and spending every spare second with her three children.

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