MJ Cash

Mindfulness Teacher

My name is Melanie, and I'm a full time visual artist and part time writer, as well as a part time mindfulness teacher and counselor. Becoming a teacher and counselor came organically, from sharing what I had learned with others, and seeing how it was as valuable for other people as it is for myself.

From very early on I felt tremendous curiosity and investment in the human condition and what it is that either brings suffering or happiness. I could see ups and downs in myself and the people around me, but it seemed to be that people leaned toward one side more often than the other, regardless of a common desire for wellbeing.

At around age fourteen, and not coming from a religious upbringing, I had what in hindsight I could only call a beautiful revelation. In the midst of the teenage drama, I felt absolutely clear, and had an unshakeable sense of God within. At that point, this came with a certainty that this God within was shared, and that this was the part of me that truly connected with others, because it was the same in all. I was completely enveloped with a feeling of love and peace, and this lasted, uninterrupted and perfect for a few months, until once again, I became identified with the mental chatter and everything it entails. Although that awareness faded for a while, it gave me a point of reference that continues to guide me along.

I've always loved helping others find peace of mind or kind solutions to their inner turmoil. My position has stemmed from what has brought me peace. Since that early moment of clarity, I have gravitated towards teachers and books that spoke to what I had experienced, the feeling of absolute unity and trust. At the root of that was always meditation, mindfulness, and disidentifying with the narrative.

Seeing the tremendous repercussions that neglecting ourselves can have on us and the people around us, and the wonderful effect that personal work and mindfulness have on every area of life led me to search for answers and pathways toward a life that, more often than not, is a pleasure to live.

I have taught and counseled people going through difficult times and easy times, and this has strongly informed my approach, but most importantly, I am a person that is totally committed to practicing what I share. These are practices that have made my life wonderful and continue to do so in an exponential way, and I have supported people with the ideas included in these courses with great success. In a nutshell, the path toward self healing, awareness, and freedom is my thing.

All that I teach is loosely based on those paths and lessons that have been most helpful to me, which include Buddhist meditation practice, and A Course in Miracles at the top to the shelf. You will find lots of the basic premises of ACIM distilled into these courses.

The courses I'm publishing on Udemy, starting with You the Storyteller, are aimed at being a series of doorways to accessible wellbeing. Zygote, the name of this series, is what I hope to turn into a platform for a new wave of spiritual and mental teaching that bridges the gap between the stereotypically spiritual approaches, and the stereotypically pragmatic approach to living, which I have found are frequently in conflict.

I am passionate about a number of things, but they are all rooted in the practices that I will share here with you. They are sensible, deep, life changing and mind-blowing. It is my pleasure and privilege to practice them and bring them to you.