Mel Aclaro

Helping students digitize their knowledge for the web

Mel Aclaro (a.k.a., the "Screencasting Wizard") is a 15-year veteran of the eLearning industry. After a stint flying for the U.S. Navy, Mel got started in the online learning industry as a management consultant with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture). While there, he specialized in organizational change management, training and eLearning.

Today, Mel is the online learning architect and resident "Screencasting Wizard" at Kareo, one of Forbes' 2013 list of 100 Most Promising Companies in America. He also works with local small businesses and professional associations to develop compelling and engaging online web video "screencast" presentations to help them build niche audiences, reach more people and profit from their digital know-how.

Mel blogs regularly at ScreencastingWizard and is the author of Digital-Know-How, a training website devoted to developing learners' skills for screencasting and web video course development.

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