Jim Matthews, M.Ed.

Author, Educator, Professional Speaker

Jim Matthews, M.Ed. was the Special Assistant to the Vice President for Alcohol and Other Drug Programs at Keene State College in New Hampshire for thirteen years where his courses were recognized by the campus newspaper as the most popular courses at Keene State. He was also the Coordinator of Health Education at Merrimack College for seven years. Jim was a member of the Advisory Board for the United States Department of Education Northeast Regional Center for Drug Free Schools and Communities, is a certified trainer for the Prevention Research Institute and was a participant in the Betty Ford Center Professional-in-Residence Program. The National Collegiate Athletic Association approved his programs for its Sports-Sciences Speaker Grant Program. As a professional speaker he has conducted presentations and workshops for numerous professional and community organizations as well as over 500,000 students on more than 500 campuses in the United States and Canada including the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Manhattan College, University of Florida, Oregon State University, University of Oregon, Pennsylvania State University, State University of New York, the Georgia University System, the Ocean State Center for Law and Citizen Education, and the National Association for Campus Activities. Jim has appeared on ABC-TV, WOR-TV, CNN, NBC and National Public Radio and has been featured in numerous magazine and newspaper articles.

He is the author of three books dealing with college drinking:  Beer, Booze and Books...a sober look at higher education; The ABCs of College Drinking…25 tips for navigating the collegiate party scene and A Parent’s Guide to College Drinking… facing the challenge together.

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