Mayowa Ajisafe

Author,Book Writing, Marketing And Business Coach

Mayowa Ajisafe is an author, social media and online marketing consultant as well as an astute online entrepreneur and lifelong student in the game of writing and publishing.

On a typical day you can find him writing, working on his latest business idea, helping authors sell their books as well as working tending his expanding online business empire. Mayowa published his first book in 2011 and also started blogging to share his writing and book marketing experience with authors, and was instantly hooked. Since then he's written, published and sell many books including that of other authors as well. Always on the lookout for ways to work smarter and reach, more book readers to sell more books and grow a large book audience for authors. As you can probably tell from the book, he gets excited about this stuff and wants to help other authors find success with their books.