Maximiliano Lopez

Entrepreneur, Social Media Fire Starter & Strategist

I am am a Serial Entrepreneur, Social Media Fire Starter & Business Developer/Team Trainer

I am older than most in this space, interesting thing is the young-lings don’t realize one simple fact, Marketing/Internet Marketing always comes down to Increasing Sales.  The only thing that has changed is the platform and distribution of the content on the platform.

Think about it the evolution of communicating a messages, Cave Carvings > Writing > Printing Press > Magazines > Broadcasting > Internet > Social Media > Online Streaming >  Social Media Streaming > Next, I am not sure as Facebook has only allowed streaming since early 2016 so its new.  

So this Online Social Media Streaming is the new thing that is getting the attention and creating leads for your business. 

If you are not increasing sales what is the point, the platform you use needs to evolve with the general population and you need to be in front of the curve of your industry.  

A business needs leads and sales to grow.  Now being a hard sales with a focus getting the sale with no quality products, customer service at a well priced position also does not work
Your business is flawed if you use this model of business and eventually it will crash and burn unless you fix it along the way. 

With that said I am creating education in areas of Marketing, Business Development, Training and Entrepreneurship assuming your business has the fundamentals working being your People, Product and Profit.  Assuming you have Business Intelligence, proper Accounts and Bookkeeping, assuming your business is based on Systems not people.

Assuming you have these areas measured and controlled you can and will grow exponentially.

If you decide to proceed anyway make sure that you repair these areas on the way.   

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