Nancy Wishart

Piano Teacher

I've been in love with piano since I was a little girl, to me playing piano is not only my passion but a way to connect with your soul and a wonderful way to relax and give joy to others. I have an extensive experience in piano and teaching piano lessons from beginners to advance levels. I first started my own piano academy in South America where I use to teach basic piano lessons to young students and complete beginners as well. I was hired numerous times to give private and public piano concerts at weddings and other social events as well as gallery openings and different presentations. I moved to the USA and continued teaching piano and giving private concerts. I have an extensive knowledge in classic piano and contemporary piano and I love to share all my knowledge with my fellow students, piano is my passion and my life and I hope I gain your trust and your permission to let me show you how to play the most beautiful musical instrument on the face of the earth. Thank you for considering my course.