M.A. Mauricio Maroto

Economist and Data Scientist

Mauiricio Maroto is a Master Economist with a strong passion for quantitative analysis. Since University years, he knew he liked to work around large datasets and reveal hidden insights. 

Nowadays, he has extensive experience using STATA, Python and Microsoft Excel. He gained this experience through University and work by doing many projects that were just better off by using these tools. He even uses them for his own personal projects, making him gain a lot of coding experience and best practices. 

Mauricio is a new Udemy instructor that hopes to publish as many courses about quantitative analysis as he can. This way he can pass all that knowledge and tips and hints he recommends for efficient learning and faster results.

Mauricio other passions are his family, friends, his pet and he loves to play soccer, whether indoors or outdoors. Currently, he plays soccer with friends on Wednesdays. He also goes out for a run on weekends.

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