Matthew Vose

Mental Health Professional / Trainer

I am a qualified mental health professional and have worked in various settings during my career. I started my career working in secure services supporting people with Schizphrenia, Bi-Polar and Personalilty Disorder. I then began to work with service users with Dementia and progessed down the management route of the private healthcare sector. I have also experienced working in the following settings; substance misuse, accident and emergency, community healthcare and crisis teams.

I now dedicate my time to training others in healthcare and specialise in mental health and dementia. My aim is to assist people to understand the implications and impacts of the illnesses in order to improve knowledge, career prospects and overcome any stigma attached to the illnesses.

I pride myself on presenting the information in a clear manner and drawing on my own personal experience to give people working examples of how care can be improved in the sector.

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