Matt Smith

Dreamer Who Takes the Lighter Side of Life Seriously

I am a 30-something-year-old gamer and dreamer who's fascinated by great stories and interactive gaming. I fell in love with role playing games when I was a wee-young-lad playing pretend and creating my own worlds and societies with friends. A few years later while pursuing the aisles of my local bookstore I came upon the Dungeon and Dragon Red Box set. First struck by the artwork, I discovered it contained the structure and rule set to play the games I always imagined.

Although I loved the game, I burned out on the rules-heavy system and put gaming down for several years while I pursued a degree in Organizational Leadership. Despite my years away from gaming every time I went to a bookstore I still searched the gaming section, not quite sure what I was looking for until I found Mouse Guard. It was a perfect fit: fantastic art and rules-light. From there I went on to find and fall for Dungeon World's fiction-focus and simple resolution system -- it was a breath of fresh air.

In my over 20-years of gaming experience I've explored games like:

  • *World (Apocalypse and Dungeon World)
  • Mouse Guard
  • Fate
  • Fiasco
  • Universalis
  • Houses of the Blooded
  • Microscope
  • Prime Time Adventures
  • Savage Worlds
  • Taverns and Drakes
  • Hillfolk
  • Bad Ass

In addition to exploring new RPG games, and occasionally GM-ing, I currently blog about new games and offer interviews with game-community leaders.

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