Matthew Kane

Retired Military Intelligence Officer and Ph.D. Student in Experimental Psychology

Matthew is a former Military Intelligence officer with the Canadian Forces where he began his journey into the world of deception detection and non-verbal communication. While deployed overseas in the fight against terrorism, Matthew gained experience in this field and learned first hand just how important correctly decoding non-verbal communication can be and how often it is done incorrectly.

After a decade of service, Matthew left the Armed Forces to start The Kane Group and continue his education and is now a Ph.D student in Experimental Psychology. He has been expanding his practical skills in deception detection through his graduate studies and research where he has been published on the topics of micro-expressions and deception detection. He has worked with numerous organizations from universities as a guest lecturer to working with politicians, lawyers, health care professionals, and entrepreneurs among many others in coaching them how to properly recognize and use non-verbal communication.

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