Matthew Cobuzio

YouTube Expert & YouTube Certified Professional

I've been creating content on YouTube for over 7 years. With just over 2,000 videos produced, I have amassed 130+ million views and surpassed 700,000 subscribers. I have over a dozen videos each with 1+ million views.

I currently live off of my YouTube income and paid for both of my college degrees at Syracuse University with my YouTube earnings.

I also founded a new YouTube network called RyseMedia. We are an incorporated team of individuals who help YouTubers monetize their content and help them grow their audience on the #1 video platform in the world. As CEO of the company, I have expertise in managing employees and working with hundreds of clients to help them grow their YouTube channels.

I wanted to give back by sharing my knowledge of YouTube and how to build a substantial income on YouTube. My courses focus heavily on how to grow your Youtube channel, how to get the most money from your videos on YouTube, and how to get more views on YouTube.