Matt Francis

Data Wrangler, Data Viz Creator, Tableau Zen Master

I love data and using Tableau to create interactive data visualisations

By day I work at one of the world's largest DNA sequencing labs. There I create Tableau dashboards that enable the DNA sequencing pipelines to keep track on the thousands of DNA samples and the data they produce. Since discovering and installing Tableau 4 years ago, I am now the champion for Tableau within the institute and love to share the good news of data viz to anyone that will listen.

By night I create vizzes on Tableau Public on topics ranging from Sunspots, Premier League injuries, a treasure hunting game, Malaria, and more. I am heavily engaged in the Tableau community through my blog that contains tutorials and commentary as well as twitter (about 1/3 of my tweets are tableau related)! I am co-host of the Tableau Wannabe Podcast, where we have a mix of discussion, guests and good banter that makes it a must listen to all that love Tableau. We have interviewed many of the biggest names in Tableau, including Tableau CEO Christian Chabot.

I have attended the last 7 Tableau Customer Conferences in London and have presented at 5 of them on topics ranging from Story Telling with Data to dashboard design and expert tips and tricks. I've also attended and presented at the last two Tableau Conferences in the U.S.

My proudest achievement to date occurred in 2014 when my contributions were acknowledged with the title of Tableau Zen Master.

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