Livello 7

Presentation masters and business communication teachers

We are Matteo Uguzzoni and Augusto Pirovano, we are presentation trainers, consultants and game-designers. Livello7 is our company.

We started 7 years ago, as entrepreneurs bringing our projects around Italy and Europe to find investors and clients, presenting our story everywhere. That experience was our training ground, and was the field where we learned how to move people into action through presentations.

After funding our first project, we developed the PowerPitch: a course to build presentations that can change the world. We have given our courses @ Impact Hub, Unicredit Group, Domus Academy, Changemakers for EXPO and many others.

We are passionate about presentations (translation: geekly/nerdy and obsessed) and we are always glad to help people achieve money and success through presentations: this is our holy mission!

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