Matt Sossi

Attorney and Executive Director of Kids First Parents Second, a 501c3 nonprofit organization

Matt Sossi has been a family law attorney in the State of Texas since 1992. Handling a high volume practice, Matt has handled hundreds if not thousands of divorce cases in his twenty three years of practice.

Five years ago Matt decided to help parents resolve their divorce cases through a team based approach that involved the participation of professionals in the mental health arena.

Three years ago, Matt decided to create a child focused curriculum that would help parents focus on the needs of their children during the divorce process. Matt believes strongly that child focused programs minimize conflict in divorce AND help children better adjust to life after divorce. Matt has written two books to help parents minimize conflict and one to help children of divorce. Matt has created a free app on Itunes to help children cope with life during the divorce process (KFPS).

Matt believes that online parenting courses for divorce need to teach parents two basic things: 1. That they have a choice in how they resolve their conflict, and 2. That conflict hurts kids. Matt believes that these two basic principles are necessary to move parents towards moving away from courtroom conflict and towards resolving their dispute through collaborative practices. If that is considered revolutionary, so be it.

In 2015 Matt, his wife Rebecca, and his daughter Robin founded Kids First Parents Second, a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization. One hundred percent of proceeds from this online course will go to fund our mission at Kids First Parents Second.

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