Matt Miller

The future belongs to learners

Hi there,

It's great to be part of such a transformational community!

Udemy presents us with a huge opportunity to learn things quickly and inexpensively, in a way that is highly engaging and convenient. From anywhere in the world, at any time, whether on an iPad, iPhone, Andriod device or a PC or Mac, it is possible to log-on and do some training in a highly relevant skill that we can implement immediately and see results.

Since I have been using Udemy I have learned skills that I have been able to use and practice immediately. And if I ever need to brush-up on a skill to make sure I’ve ‘got it’ I can simply run the course videos again to reinforce my knowledge. It’s that easy!

Thanks to Udemy and several of the courses I have taken I now know how to write and publish books and have several eBooks published on essential business skills like using social media and how to be more effective in personal selling.

Over many months, and after much prodding from people around me who urged me to use some of the teaching skills I learned in a post-graduate education course, I decided to give back to the community I gained new skills from and develop courses based on what I have learned in over 12 years of professional selling, customer service, business development, and in education and training.

I have more recently also studied a Masters in Theology and hope to help people unpack what the Bible, faith, and prayer can do for people in their own lives – no matter where they may be at in their life’s journey.

Above all I hope to give back. I hope people take something away from these courses and see amazing things happen in their own lives!

I learned the hard way in much of my sales career, yet I also had a few great mentors that shared their wisdom and insights. I learned so much from them I was able to triple my productivity within only a few short months. Ever since, I have sought out new knowledge, read thousands of books, journals, magazines, and listened to some of the best audio training available. 

And of course, I have accessed thousands of hours of the best video training on subjects spanning sales, marketing, web development, online marketing, information technology, teaching & training, just to name a few.

Now I have the chance to give back!

A wise man once said, “Tomorrow is for the learners!” Those who strive to be better, do better, and to do it quicker! So much of what we have today we owe to those who kept on learning, solving some of man’s biggest problems along the way.

You may not want to solve mankind’s most pressing problems, but if you only learned one thing; one technique, one tactic, one idea, and it made you more money or created an easier life for yourself and your family, wouldn’t you say it was worth it?

Keep learning because the future is yours!


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