Matt Kane

Founder @ Action Surge, Helping People Take Action for 20yrs

The Action Surge Blueprint, which is the 8-step process utilized in this course, is one of the featured toolsets from Action Surge. Action Surge was founded by three co-founders (Matt Kane, Steve Garguilo and Surge Skoryk) in their quest to help individuals and corporations bring their ideas to life. It is based on research, testing and many of the latest and greatest advances in human potential and the science of achievement.

Matt Kane has been building a culture of action, innovation and talent at Fortune 50 Companies for decades. He has also been a trainer, organizer and leader within various non-profit organizations and companies like TED and the Anthony Robbins Companies. Principally, he is an experiential learning designer that designs and develops experiences like the Action Surge Blueprint to help accelerate learning and results.

Steve Garguilo has made a career of pushing people and projects to their greatest potential. Steve works as an instigator, creator, and coach to help people envision new solutions and actualize their ideas. He has coached hundreds of speakers to give TED talks over the past six years, and has helped thousands in the TED Community, and Corporate community to bring their ideas to life.

Surge Skoryk is a master researcher, maker/creator and connector. He has developed a career in getting things done and cross pollinating expertise from various areas and disciplines. Surge is also a detail master, making sure that everything is well thought out, tested, and iterated upon until it's as close to perfect (for now) as possible. Surge brings a wide ranging wealth of expertise and attention to the details that make a big difference to this course experience.

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