Francis Lee Dauphinais


I started my career working in the IT department of an advertising agency. During these long years, I positioned myself to climb the ladder. As time went on, I got more responsibilities. I felt I could not accomplish myself at work as a creative person. All this combined with the feeling that I wasn’t acknowledged for my true worth. I always thought that a career is more than about a paycheck. It's also about enjoying what you do, potential for personal growth and advancement, creativity, flexibility, choice, and work-life balance. In other words, I was not happy at work. Moreover, as the months passed, debts accumulated and I saw myself falling into that same sinkhole that so many people I know have fallen into. One day, in front of my stack of bills to settle, I thought "it must change!". But, how can I make more money without reducing my quality of life? By searching the Internet, I discovered the dropshipping. After experiencing great success on amazon, knowing that probably several people were in the same situation as me, I decided to set up a training course to keep you from working like me for months with no results. To get a better idea of the Dropship Gold method, watch the free videos available from this course.

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