Marvin McTaw

Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor & Teacher at Udemy

I'm Marvin and I am an entrepreneur, real estate investor and teacher. I have been investing in real estate since early 2014 and currently 2 to 4 deals a month. Concurrently with real estate investing, I founded and run a marketing services company called Event Commercials and spent four years as the Co-managing partner of the mobile apps and event software company called Sched (dot) org. I've helped thousands of organizations including Comic-Con, The Peace Corps, Internet Week New York and CMJ to make their events more successful.

Prior to working in the event industry, I had a successful career in investment banking where I helped large corporations finance themselves for a variety of needs ranging from acquisitions to working capital needs.

Regardless of industry, my primary goals have always been to listen, understand and help others solve their problems.

If you ever have questions or just want to say hi (I love coffee!) please don't hesitate to contact me through my courses on Udemy!

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