The Psyche Academy

Education in Psychology and Mind

The Psyche Academy offers trainings and courses in psychology, mental health, and other mind-stuff, both for professionals in the field, and individuals looking for ways out of suffering.

It is headed by Marty L. Cooper, a psychotherapist in San Francisco who specializes in the treatment of anxiety and depression (especially ongoing and chronic forms). Marty has been practicing psychotherapy for 15 years, focusing on how fundamental change happens and can happen, and in some ways, inevitably happens. He helps clients to feel their way through their experience, but also how to map and understand their own terrain. The Psyche Academy is intended for this, the educational side of healing and transformation, the understanding of the terrain and the inspiration and confidence that there is a path and that it can be safely walked.

Marty's own experience with depression, as well as his clinical work and study, provides the basis for these courses; because maps can be problematic if they haven't been tested by actually walking them, he's tested everything that is presented, clinically and personally.

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