Martin R. Sheehan, Ph.D.

Author, Therapist and Researcher

Dr. Martin R. Sheehan, integrates a background in research psychology, Direct Instruction, special education, and media development. He is the owner of Double S Instructional Systems and has received federal funding for over 15 National Institutes of Health Small Business grant projects.  

He has served as the Principal Investigator for projects on improving anger management for adults with disabilities, positive behavior supports for educators who work with challenging students, abuse prevention, dangerous drug prevention, nutrition, weight loss and exercise, leisure, and future planning programs for individuals with developmental disabilities. 

For 12 years he worked as an administrator in charge of programs for high school students with  developmental disabilities. At that time he developed and supervised classrooms for students with autism and other developmental disabilities who exhibited severe acting out behaviors. 

He also has worked in the past as a therapist for a local counseling center and specialized in helping individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities and also with helping parents with their difficult children.

He is a certified DIR "Floortime" Provider -- an approach that emphasizes following the child's lead and helping them learn to self-regulate their behaviors.

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