Martin Janson

Trade It Simple

I first heard about foreign exchange market or FOREX trading about 7 years ago from my high school friend who had just finished Forex trading course. At that point in my life I was already successful (at least that is what I thought back then), financially stable and overall lucky guy, so I didn't pay much attention to my friend's blabber about interest rates, trend lines and fibonacci extensions. Some time later recession hit Europe and it hit me especially hard. I had lost my business and my luck. At some point me and my girlfriend didn't even know where would we spend the night. I then found a low income, dead-end job and a small, cheap room in the middle of nowhere (which is where my whole life was headed). I started looking for ways to make money, remembered about the conversation with my friend and decided to give Forex trading a go.Of course I blew my first 2 accounts apart. There were so many indicators and moving averages on my charts I could barely see direction in which the price was moving . I thought I could outsmart, somehow predict the market. Of course I was wrong. And I needed to loose money to realize - to become profitable you need to trade it simple...

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