Martina Schmidt

RN, Soul Coach, Certified Energy Healer, Psychic Medium

I have been described as a little bit woo woo, a little bit kick ass and a whole lot of love.  I’m not a crystal ball toting psychic and I don’t even know how to read tarot cards.  I’m just someone with a huge heart, a go get it attitude, and a really open and psychically gifted mind.

I grew up in Missouri as a normal mid-west girl.  Even though I was gifted as a child and had my encounters with spirit, fixing broken watches with my mind, and telepathy- I didn’t truly recognize myself as “psychic” until I was well into my twenties.

My healing journey began as a Registered Nurse and shifted quickly to energy healing in 1997 when I began to see colors and angels around my patients.  These angels would speak to me about how to ease physical pain. To be honest, when it all began opening for me, I thought I might have a brain tumor!  Luckily spirit guided the proper teachers into my life to show me what and how to develop my gifts.

In 1997, I began Inner Focus School for Advanced Energy Healing- a 2 year training program focused on Energy Medicine, Intuitive Development and Spiritual Counseling.  When I completed that training I continued on with the school for a Bachelors of Ministerial Science to become a minister/spiritual counselor- all in all taking me a total of 3 years to complete both trainings.

I passionately believe that my job is to empower you to follow your own spiritual journey and path of discovery- to listen to your own inner voice over all others.

One of my favorite things to do is teach others, so to honor that love I have also developed online and home study courses in Psychic Development, Mediumship training, and Spiritual Growth. It gives me joy and I sparkle best when I assist my clients in awakening to their own gifts- something I strongly believe in.

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