Marshella Karissa Joy Marshall

Lamaze Child Birth Instructor,Hypnobirth Practioner,Minister

I am Marshella Marshall a Certified Child Specialist in all aspects of hypnobirth and yoga. I have been teaching at local Sunday Schools and vocational Bible School for over 5 years. I am a Certified ChildBirth Instructor and Certified Doula in both Postpartum and Birth Doula setting, Hypnobirth Practioner, and Prophetess(Minister).I obtained my childbirth degree from Duke University in the DHEC program. I have some experience in Yoga and Hypnobirthing which I share in the video, but recommend you take the course separately to get a complete view of all aspects of hypnobirth and yoga. Currently, I teach Childbirth Prepartion at Laurel Clinic in Laurel, Maryland for free. have been teaching in local Sunday schools and vocational bible school. In addition to my certificates and specialized training, I also have background experience from Northeastern University where I learned about biodegradable items in the environment,where I further practice and worked for ARC in Hampton, VA recycling biodegradable items. I love teaching and hope that my teaching style appeals to all ages.

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