Marques Salgado

Social media expert and professional choreographer

"Hey Marques! Thank you so much! I appreciate how much effort you put into helping me!" I love what I do and I believe that is what makes me a great teacher. I work every day to help you! 

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Why do people always come to me for help?
1. Everything I teach you is 100% value with honesty and expertise. I'm here to teach you everything to the best of my ability so you don't have to go through the mistakes and you can have results immediately.
2. Enjoy the newest information so you can begin doing what works today, and not 2 years ago. 
3. I am passionate in what I do and I will always be here to help you! So please reach out to me and ask any questions you may have! 
4. I am a certified Social Media consultant and I am also a certified Dance instructor! 

About me:
I live in WA, I am 21 years old, I own a business called "First-Class Media Marketing," and we help other business' increase their revenue and exposure through social media and advertising. I also am a professional dance teacher and teach regularly at 3 different studios and teach many more places occasionally. I also do a lot of work online like on Udemy during free time! 

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// Marques A. Salgado

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