Marlene Shiple

Eager, Motivated Seekers? Find Joy & Passion in Life!

I am first-and-foremost an Educator. I am passionate about helping people learn – I delight in assisting people grow, and enjoy their lives more fully.

By profession, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Life Coach. By inclination, I am an educator, an instructor, a teacher. It seems to me that the BEST of Life Coaching and Counseling is the chance to help people, guide them in the direction of growth, and teach key ideas. So, I am in my element creating and instructing courses for you at Udemy!

I started my own physical business in 1975. There, I have provided counseling, guidance and life coaching for over 38 years – teaching on a daily basis. I practice in Phoenix, AZ … and -- via distance outreach – the World! I love what I do professionally and am pleased to have been able to help many thousands of people.

Through my years of service, I have been struck with the amazing POWER we have to change our lives … through the action of changing our minds. I’ve also seen the devastating effects that Stress has – affecting quality of life, developing illnesses and, if left unchecked, ultimately, leading to death.

How you think about an event – how you choose to interpret it – makes all the difference in the world to your outcomes – thoughts, feelings, actions. The most awesome fact about this is: It IS Your Choice!

In this life, on a daily basis, YOU write the script. This being the case, it becomes important that you determine how you want your life to be. Then, you write that script accordingly, using the ideas you think and hold in mind.

I am honored that you are considering allowing me to provide you with guidance on your Path! I encourage you to take the leap – go ahead! – get started TODAY!

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