Marlene Prinzing, M.A.


Marlene Prinzing, M.A. is The CEO and Inventor of The Prinzing Method aka TPM. TPM is An Intuitively Guided Individualized Form of Body-Psychology. TPM is a Registered Trademark with The State of Colorado. Marlene has been An Intuitive Physical & Mental Rehab Expert for 25 years with an impressive 100% success rate in ALL clients. All Clients have experienced a positive shift in both physical and mental wellbeing; all the time.

The invention of TPM is Marlene's dharma, her gift, and her life purpose. Marlene is a highly gifted-intuitive-channel-guide. She is both Claire-Somatic as well as Claire-Auditory. These gifts allow Marlene to read and translate both your body-language and your vocal-language. TPM is always personalized and guaranteed.

Marlene is also The Inventor of The Prinzing Audio-Yoga MP3; for sale on her web-site. This MP3 is a 60 minute yoga lesson; learning and doing yoga, only by what you HEAR - not what you SEE. This Invention was Marlene's Research Tool for her Master's Degree Thesis.

Marlene is also The Inventor and Host of : The Prinzing Show - a Blog Talk Radio Show entitled: The Prinzing Show : Promoting Your Business & Spreading Good News !

Marlene has a bachelor's degree in Dance/Kinesiology, another bachelor's degree in Advertising/Marketing, and a Master's Degree in Body-Psychology. In addition, Marlene has been recognized as The Expert in her field by Covington Who's Who - 2014. Marlene also has 4 certifications in: Yoga / MedX Spinal Rehab / Exercise Therapy / and CPR/AED.

Marlene's students/clients alike have given her The Title: Body-Life Whisperer.

If you don't know what is wrong with you, Marlene does!

Marlene Looks Forward To Healing You Soon !!!

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