Dr. Mark Winegar

Learn from an experienced software engneer and educator.

I first looked at learning online in 1998 while working on my doctoral dissertation. To be honest I was a skeptic but my findings persuaded me of the web's vast potential as a learning tool. It doesn't replace teachers. It empowers them.

I have been teaching people how to use and program computers since the dawn of microcomputers. My first faculty inservice was an introduction to spreadsheeting at Michigan State University, my alma mater. Since then I have taught in major corporations, universities, colleges, and K-12 districts nationwide. 

But I am not just a teacher.

I'm a software engineer too! And I've developed mission critical applications like the multilingual software installation application for Microsoft, the System Trouble Report database application for Zenith Data Systems, medical scheduling & records applications for Southwetern Michigan Megnetic Resonance Imaging Systems, and manufacturing automation for Gateway 2000. 

Today I live near the campus of the University of South Datkota in Vermillion, SD, USA with my wife Bonnie. We have two cats and a cavalier king charles spaniel and enjoy riding our bicycles on the prairie.

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