Mark Pierce

Specialized WordPress Services

I am a WordPress Security Consultant, Backup Specialist and WordPress Administrator. Provide Specialized WordPress Services, which includes Backup & Storage, Site Assessment, Installation, Maintenance, Security and Video Module Courses.

I have 10 years Desktop/Software Support experience. While working as a contractor for the Federal Government for 8 years I was tasked to create a Help Desk Video tutorial course to instruct new uses how to use a specific website, provide permissions and access.

While working with a program called Adobe Captivate I fell in love with video capture and tutorial instruction. I enjoy both the technical side and the opportunity to capture live over the shoulder video to walk end users through a step-by-step instructional course.

So as I developed my WordPress Membership Site and delivered WordPress Specialized Services, I decided to incorporate video module courses to my end users, so they could understand and have a better overall experience while learning about WordPress and all the other services I provide on their behalf.