Mark Palmer

Mentor - Trusted Advisor - Author

Mark Palmer has skills that are rooted in a perspective that has proven to be transformational for organizations and individuals. Mark can peer into seemingly complex situations and radically simplify the relationship between the desired outcome and the steps necessary to get there.

At the heart of Mark’s talent is his ability to ask seemingly simple questions that are so incisive they compel people to shift their thinking and move into new forms of action.

He uses this methodology in all of his courses by asking key questions that will lead his students to find their answers and then use the answers to build a road map to success. The methodology has helped hundreds of sales representatives achieve more than they thought possible over and over again. 

Mark's accomplishments include leading consistent growth beyond the loftiest of expectations. He has led growing organizations for 34 years with sales teams ranging from start-ups to $350 million in revenue. His teams have delivered over 14 years of greater than 100% year over year growth.

100% of Mark's sales teams have been leaders of their peer groups in revenue, productivity and balance of performance using the tactics outlined in his courses.