Mark Middo is a serial online entrepreneur, best-selling author of 5 Minute Business and international speaker who has thrived on unconventional thinking. The co-founder of Reminisce Entertainment and Social Empire, Mark is well known for his ability to uncover unique marketing angles and leverage them to create remarkable online revenue growth. Over the last decade, Mark has employed his powerful framework to fuel the success of several online businesses.

Mark’s own story of transformation serves as a real-life testament to the power of his methods. At the age of 20, Mark had made many failed attempts at making a living online and resorted to working as a DJ in one of Melbourne’s most notorious strip clubs. Soon after, Mark applied for university where a burning desire to succeed and succeed quickly saw him plough through a 4 year degree in a mere 2 years. After working his way up the corporate ladder, he was appointed to lead digital at the Formula 1 and went on to work with global brands such as MotoGP, McDonald’s, Renault and Mizuno.

Building on his corporate success, Mark applied his framework to create an online trading indicator in Russia for $150 and sell it to a large currency investment firm in the U.S. for a tidy six figure sum.

Mark then launched his own start up called Reminisce, an online voting system built for nightclubs, with long time friend Corey Topp. Amazed by Reminisce’s instant success, the pair then formed Social Empire so they could help people do exactly what Mark did for Corey – That is to provide a framework, along with the skills and knowledge required to bring an online business idea to life with minimal online marketing experience…

Mark has productised his methods in his international best-selling book 5 Minute Business, which has amassed over 42,000 downloads on Amazon, reaching #1 in the world within the first three days of its release.

As an increasingly prominent expert and influencer in his field, Mark is a mentor for the Founder Institute, a Maven Judge for the Australian Cool Company Awards, the go-to speaker for Australian Government events and has been featured by some of the largest publications in the world – including Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Reuters, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and Anthill Magazine.

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