Mark Middo

Author of 5 Minute Business & CMO at Linkfluencer

At the age of 20, Mark had made many failed attempts at online business and resorted to working as a DJ in one of Melbourne’s most notorious night clubs. 

Using this to pay his way through University, once he had completed his majors in commercial law he then went about working his way up the corporate ladder. From there he was appointed to lead digital at the Formula 1 and went on to work with global brands such as MotoGP, Renault and Mizuno.

Building on his corporate success, Mark applied his framework to create an online trading indicator in Russia for $150 and sell it to a large currency investment firm in the U.S. for a tidy six figure sum.

Mark then launched his own start up called Reminisce, an online voting system built for nightclubs with two partners where they now run some of the largest music events in Australia. 

He then productized his methods in his international best-selling book 5 Minute Business, which amassed over 42,000 downloads on Amazon, helping him reach #1 in the world within the first three days of its release.

As an increasingly prominent expert and influencer in his field, Mark has been featured by some of the largest publications in the world including SMH, Cosmopolitan, Bloomberg and was recently recognised by The Huffington Post as one of Australia's leading online entrepreneurs.

"I say this without reservation, Mark Middo is one of the most cluey online marketers in Australia. When he speaks about online marketing, my eyeballs actually pop out of my head, he's that good!" James Tuckerman (Chief Editor of Anthill Magazine).

Mark currently spends his time heading up the sales & marketing division of Linkfluencer Australia's Leading LinkedIn Training Company as recognised by Forbes and Reminisce Entertainment. As well as this he sits as an advisor / investor on a number of start up boards.