Mark Marchenko

Instructional Designer and Talent Development specialist

I am a young professional and first of all - tireless learner, living in constant motion and aspiration to improve people's life experience. I am a Philosopher not only because I actually study philosophy, logics and rational thinking - but also because I am inspired by the way its principles help us to transform our life.

My motto probably will be the one said by Seneca: "Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power" and my main quality and advantage happens to be natural curiosity as this is where all wonderful things start.


I received my higher degree in Moscow State University named after Sholokhov, in 2005, majoring in Linguistics, Instructional Design and Applied Psychology. After that I continued my post-graduate education paying my attention to comparative linguistics, culturology and moral philosophy.

Professional Experience:

I was honoured to have an opportunity to be a Lecturer in my alma mater University, designing and teaching courses on Linguistics and History of English language.

The second part of my professional experience is working in top international consulting companies as a Talent Development and Recruitment specialist, helping people to find their places in professional world and discover the best way to develop their expertise.

I am also an aspiring writer and to improve my writing in english I write for my blog on Medium (see 'links' section), that is an addition to my source for writers, Writepls.

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