Mark Malone

Consultant, Author, Trainer & Coach

Mark Malone founded EMM & Associates as a Philadelphia based training and consulting company, dedicated to the advancement of consulting as a career choice and to the success of individuals on this path.

E. Mark Malone has spent the last 2 decades in Technology Consulting and Staffing; selling, teaching, coaching and delivering consulting services. Directly delivering services and placing hundreds of consultants with clients has made very clear the unique combination of skills required to be a successful consultant.

The Top Project Manager program was designed to deliver the most useful information, guidance, coaching, and connections. All aimed at helping individuals achieve a higher level of success as Project Managers.

Mark is a hands-on Project Manager myself, with over 20 years of experience in technology, he understands exactly what it takes to be successful as a PM and a consultant. His experience has enabled him to; manage multi-million dollar projects, create and implement Project Management Offices (PMO), rescue projects where other PMs had failed.

Additionally, Mark co-founded of a successful Multi-Million dollar technology staffing and consulting company. Extolutions, Inc. served the Philadelphia marketplace for 7 years before its acquisition by a larger firm.

Courses that Mark Malone is enrolled in