Mark Mackay

Travelling Freelancer

Mark is a freelance writer and entrepreneur who's spent the last several years travelling the globe while he works. He started off with nothing but his own good wits and a little writing experience, and now funds his globetrotting with a lucrative freelance writing carerr.

He specialises in tech and digital marketing, working for clients including Oracle, SecureMac, IDGConnect, Microsoft, Incisive Edge and Soldsie.

After meeting so many people envious of his travels and who were enthusiastic to do the same, Mark created the Freedomlancers blog and Udemy course dedicated to helping other aspiring freelancers to find their feet in both work and travel.

Mark’s life outlook manages to sit somewhere in between a total geek and a massive hippy yet he somehow manages to maintain above average levels of personal hygiene.

His interests include travel, writing, learning, food & cooking, yoga, meditation, rock climbing, video games, science fiction books, psychology and long island iced teas.

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