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I'm Peter Baker, a UK based voice over, a former BBC news announcer and ITV Granada presenter and the voice of literally thousands of commercials, training films, phone prompts and promo presentations for clients in most countries of the globe

These days, as well as training business people in communication skills and dealing with the media, I'm also a TV director on various projects such as company training videos, I'm a good broadcast cameraman and video editor as well, but my main work is in my custom built broadcast quality studio, where I record voiceovers.

I love the world of audio where your choice can paint so many pictures in listeners' “Theatre of the Mind”. I am lucky to be asked a wide variety of really creative scripts ranging from TV and radio commercials to audio books which can mean a whole couple of days or more reading, recording, editing and editing. My equipment includes top of the range studio Neumann U87 and TLM 103 microphones, and professional software such as Adobe Audition to edit and optimise as required.

As well as being a very experienced audio editor and producer I also happen to be skilled at video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro; useful if a project involves his voice over needing to be mixed and adding to existing Powerpoint slides or video footage.

I look forward to sharing my almost 40 years of experience with you and teaching you everything you need to know to help you achieve your goals and become successful.

Peter Baker

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