The Imagination Engineer® Markis Gardner

Teacher and Education Consultant for Universal English

Markis taught mathematics in American Universities part-time from 1990-2005.

He was a programmer, team-lead and then technical manager for 8 years from 1997-2005.

He has been teaching mathematics and computer science in China since 2005.

He works at an educational software company in China.

These video series are brought to you by Tianjin Universal.


He was the youngest College Instructor in Kentucky at the age of 20. He finished college in 2.5 years instead of 4 averaging 24 credit hours every semester.

He played in six World Chess Opens starting at the age of 16.

He competed in many state and national programming competitions starting at the age of 14.

iPhone Apps:

Currently has 1 iPhone App available in Apple Store. He is currently working on others.

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