Mark Hughes

Digital Marketing Specialist

Mark Hughes is a well-regarded authority within his business sector helping start-up and established businesses gain recognised brand awareness using Social Media Marketing Strategies. He has impacted his knowledge of Social Media concepts across a large variety of B2C and B2B businesses, including smaller operations to working with national and international leaders in several verticals including events management and eye care.

Mark's specialist set of skills include:

  • Social Media Account Creation and Optimization
  • Social Media Account Management
  • Social Media Strategy Creation, Implementation and Tracking
  • Setting Up and Optimizing Advertising Campaigns Across All Social Media Platforms
  • Creating Strategic Online Sales and Marketing Funnels
  • Monitoring, Evaluating and Reporting On All Social Media Activity.

Coming from humble beginnings and with a passion for learning about business, Mark has spent the past 10 years immersing himself in online marketing and how it fits within the offline marketplace. He has a degree in Sales and Marketing Management.

Being in business for himself lead to his discovery and eventual passion and love for online marketing. He integrated several online marketing concepts into his own businesses and quickly established a large ROI via converting these online enquiries into lifetime customers.

After attending a local Chamber of Commerce meeting with a friend he quickly realised that business owners need help and education regarding the integrating of online marketing with their offline businesses. The level of advice at the commerce meeting was very poor which concerned him and forced a decision to break away from his business and set up as a consultant and share his knowledge and strategies with local businesses.

When Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn arrived, Mark fell in love, almost kind of like a re-birth and knew that Social Media would be huge and the possibilities that it would bring his clients would be profound. With his natural tendency for continuous learning, he devoured any and all information about Social Media and how it could better serve his clients.

Mark also delivers training on social media and online marketing disciplines and is a regular keynote speaker at business networking events

The rest of his time is spent with his wife and 2 children and when time affords loves to get in the odd round of golf and enjoy holidays in sunny locations.

Courses that Mark Hughes is enrolled in