Mark Hollingsworth MBA FInstLM

Thought leader in the basic skills of leadership

Mark Hollingsworth has extensive leadership experience as a university lecturer in Leadership Development, an author of leadership books, CEO, Executive Director, and Board Chair. In addition he is a retired military officer, having served for 16 years as a senior officer in the United Kingdom's Royal Air Force. Mark gained his MBA in 2003 and became a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management in 2014.

Through his varied career Mark has acquired a unique level of knowledge of the skills needed to be a successful leader. Moreover, he has created and delivered an in-depth academic curriculum, titled 'Leadership Development', at the University of Winnipeg in Canada. In addition Mark has published 3 books on leadership (‘Leadership: The Basics’, 'Essential Guide to Delegation', 'Essential Guide to 21st Century Time Management') and has undertaken numerous lecturing and speaking engagements on the subject of essential leadership skills, helping him become one of the world’s leading exponents in the basic skills of leadership.

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