Mark Charles Good, M.Ed.

Communication Specialist, Advanced Diversity Trainer, Author

Mark Charles Good is the founder of Viewpoint Unlimited, a company that specializes in diversity & inclusion training and effective interpersonal communication strategies for the business, education, and non-profit sectors worldwide.

Mark is frequently called upon by organizations of all sizes to assist them with problems that have arisen out of ineffective interpersonal communication. The specific topics in which Mark specializes to aid these organizations to improve communication include:


·Conflict Resolution

·Courageous Conversations about Race

·Confronting Homophobia


·Workplace Bullying

·Bullying in Schools

·Team Building

Mark enters these organizations when hostility and tensions are high and progress and resolution seem impossible. But his success in teaching members of these organizations to have difficult conversations that result in positive outcomes is based largely upon his application of the skills and strategies he offers you in this course. Mark employs methods that work and you are about to learn many of them right here.

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