The Internet Marketing Coalition

We are a group of 5 internet marketing experts with over 50

Our members include Brett Jackson, Carolyn Matthews, Dene Collett, Greg Miranda, and Duane Norland. We want to help as many people as possible to reach their potential and realize their dreams.

Check out all of our courses to see what else we offer that can help you in the areas that you are having trouble with.

Like every other career, every marketer needs to learn a great deal of skills before they can experience the results that they are after. We can help you learn those skills so that you can build on our experience and realize your goals quicker and pick up our tips and tricks along the way.

Each member of our group has their own highly successful career online and we have decided to come together and contribute to an all-inclusive collection of techniques. Each of us has our own area of expertise and together we are truly an unstoppable force.

Learn from us and get a huge jump on everybody else that is clamouring to get ahead on the internet.

From us, you will learn everything including creating your first website, finding the perfect products to promote, some secret techniques to promote those products cheaply to give an initial boost to your traffic and sales, how to get fantastic rankings for your sites in the search engines, how to use your traffic to also build a huge email list that you can quickly and easily promote products to in the future, building huge followings on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and a lot more.

In fact, we will take you from knowing absolutely nothing to building a successful, complete online business that will make you wonder why you didn’t consider this a long time ago.