Mark Attwood

Internet Marketing Expert - Sovereign Entrepreneur

I have been working online since 1996, and created the world's first online skip hire company, Topskips, in 2003 which went on to become a national tool and equipments hire company called PAL Hire which has generated over $70m from online marketing (so far!). In 2008, I started teaching small business owners and entrepreneurs the same strategies I used to achieve this success and have lectured at places such as The British Library,The Institute of Directors, The Federation of Small Business, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School. I believe every human being is born sovereign, free and has limitless potential, but most get sucked into a system designed to deprive us of this by the use of mis-education, wage-slavery and debt traps like mortgages, student debts, and easy credit. Unless you are born into wealth, the only way of reclaiming your sovereignty is through entrepreneurship. My mission is to help you become free and independent from the system and achieve your dreams now.