Mark McGale

Creative Director and Senior Market Research Director

“Mark McGale has made a living by making sure entrepreneurs are successful in their field. Starting a marketing agency at 20 and having it fall apart in front of him, helped Mark understand there is more to the big picture than people like to understand.

With brains and an unbeatable spirit, improving, hacking and optimizing through creative loop-holes is something Mark is GOOD at.

Suddenly being able to take these skills and give them to the biggest entrepreneurial-laiden platform in the world today (Rideshare) has not only brought Mark Joy, but the discovery of so many secrets that NEEDED to be shared.

He is also a complete Freak! He told me recently he spent Four hundred dollars getting rides through uber just to ask the drivers questions.

If you’re just starting with rideshare, his program will give you the whole KIT AND KABOODLE on how to create, manage and grow a remarkable BUSINESS through rideshare, for little to no money."

Courses that Mark McGale is enrolled in