Mark J


Hi, my name is Mark J and I'm a hypnotherapist. I mostly deal with making tapes for others, and have been practicing self-hypnosis for the last six years. I was introduced to hypnosis when I was sixteen years old by my then boxing coach. After struggling with understanding what hypnosis is, I used my time reading a lot of books and following closely different well acclaimed hypnotherapists in this field world over. I then took an education from “hypnoseakademiet”, “Hypnosis acadamy”. Although I excelled in the basic skills, I felt I needed something more. As I was turning spiritual at that time, I got interested into metaphysics and the use of hypnosis and meditation to attain goals and increased states of bliss. After awhile I got in contact with a very advanced, former president of the Los Angeles Academy of Clinical Hypnosis, a man which I now look up onto as my main teacher of hypnosis. He introduced me to techniques that permanently changed my life. Presently, I am in the process of further raising my own, and those around´s consciousness. Therefore I have chosen Udemy as another platform to extend what I have gathered so far. Hope you will appreciate it.