Mark A. Woodard

Doctor in Business, Business Professional and Consultant.

I started my business career in 1999 with my first business, "Tropical Smoothie" at age 19, while attending college for business and finance. Over the past 18 years I have owned and operated seven different successful businesses, three of which I still own and operate; the other four I sold at highly successful levels. I have completed my Associate, Bachelor, Master, and PhD in Business and Finance. With eight years educational knowledge and 18 years business experience I have helped hundreds of businesses in analysis and structure to success; helped dozens of businesses obtain funding for operations and start-ups; and redesigned countless businesses who were in bad situations and turned them into successful businesses. I have worked as an Instructor of Business, Business Negotiation, Business systems, Marketing I and II, Accounting I and II, and Business finance for ITT Technical Institute, South College, and AIU. Recently I have published the first book in a series of business guide books, "A Guide to Small Business and SBA Funding"; have a second of the series, "A Guide to Small Business and Accounting" currently in the publication process; and three more in line for publication: "A Guide to Small Business and Marketing", "A Guide to Small Business and Law", and "A Guide to Small Business in General". I also have two other books nearly completed and ready for publication: "A Guide to Corporations and Global Business" and "The Next American Revolution".

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