Marion Black

WordPress Expert, Graphic Designer, Udemy Instructor

I've been learning and teaching people about computers since the early 1980s starting with the Commodore 64.

I've created a few apps and generally been having fun with computers for over 30 years and in the last couple of years I've been creating tutorials and videos on WordPress, YouTube and Internet Marketing. Many of these are currently featured on an international membership website where they've been well received and also on my YouTube channel.

I've adopted a relaxed, friendly style of teaching and I confine each video to one subject so they are short and sweet.

Some comments I've received:

Darwyn, UK "Hi Marion, this is great training as always my friend."

Jeffry R, Australia: "A BIG thanks Marion. Really good advice... will take it on board."

Robby S, UK: "yet again I found your video very helpful and so easy to get through :)"

Debby M, US: "Thanks Marion, you're a great teacher!"

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