Maringanty Adithya

I love programming and I will help you fall in love with it.

I am a Software Engineer working since 4 years, I have worked for companies like CA Technologies and now with Fidelity. I love Web Programming and I love to teach people willing to learn. In my career I am known for being able to innovate and be able to find Security Bugs in application for which I have received the best debut award from my Team. I wish to continue working on this course, several other I am going to upload and help people like me understand what I understand. Also I have got an admission to pursue my Masters in Computer Science in USA and I wish if I could get any downloads for my courses, I will use the money to fund my education and 30% of the amount of money that I earn from here, I will donate as much as I can to people on the streets who cannot afford to eat food.

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