Marianne Douglas

Teacher, Speaker, Author

Marianne Douglas is a multiple award-winning teacher, speaker, and author. She is best known for herStrategies for Successprogram and inspirational seminars with positive life strategies. She is the go-to person for practical life lessons that inspire and educate in a variety of topics. She works primarily with those experiencing life transitions - couples, newlyweds, women, college freshmen, businesses.

Formerly a high school math teacher, Marianne spent her last four years in the classroom teaching Strategies for Success. She created this program to fill in the gaps in traditional high school education providing teens the cutting edge strategies that the most successful people in world use. She was named Teacher of the Year for her school because of the school-wide changes that occurred once this course was implemented. For this program she was also named Teacher of the Year for her school district and Outstanding Educator for her state. She was a national finalist in Cable in the Classroom Leaders in Learning and a Recipient of Special Congressional Recognition from the United States Senate. She received the Jefferson Award, the Rhode Island College Alumni Service Award and was recognized as a hero by the Oprah Winfrey Show for her work with teens and bullying.

She co-wrote the play “High School Bully” with Artistic Director David Payton of Kaleidoscope Theatre using some of the lessons from the Strategies program. The play received the Justice Award from Rhode Island Attorney General’s Office.

She now offers the Strategies for Success program to schools nationwide while teaching it to local college freshmen and at her own seminars.

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