Maria Pallas

Master Spiritual Healer and Teacher

"I am a Reiki Master that combines spiritual healing, teaching, prayer, meditation and coaching, to free people from their fears and self-limiting beliefs, empowering them to create a life they absolutely love! One that is in complete alignment with their true heart's essence and their soul's highest intention"

People are often longing to be heard, seen and appreciated for who they really are but for one reason or another, are holding themselves back. I work with these individuals to help them overcome the fears and self-limiting beliefs that keep them from making their dreams a reality, and through the art of self-love and acceptance, I empower them to boldly and fearlessly embrace their true essence and authenticity. As a result, these individuals experience a greater sense of empowerment and confidence, as they start to break through their barriers one by one, and become the divine force that their hearts intended.

My career includes 20 years of experience mentoring teams, helping them to lean into their ambitions and achieve their goals through my management and career development experience at various national and global organizations. I am also a seasoned course facilitator and have worked extensively in coordinating various development programs and workshops, including leadership development programs and the national executive coaching program at one of Canada’s top consulting and professional services firms.

Now I am absolutely thrilled to have the privilege of taking all that I have learned and applying it to my spiritual healing practice as a Reiki Master. It is work that is incredibly meaningful to me because I myself was once that individual. And now, with my passion and determination, coupled with my mentoring experience and spiritual healing, prayer and meditation techniques, I want to share all that I have learned with others so that they can let their true and authentic self shine, and begin to bridge the gap between their dreams and their realities.

For more information on how you can work with me to start creating a life that you love, please email me at