Marcos Annuseck


Marcos Annuseck, founder of IMA (Instituto de Musica Annuseck), had his first musical experience when he was enrolled in piano lessons at a young age with his father. But he found his real passion at 14 years old, when he picked up a acoustic guitar for the first time. Later on he moved to the electric, and it was love at the first sign.  From then on he never stop to playing. At that time was hard to find good instruction at his hometown, so he traveled for 10 hours to get great guitar lessons every month, and 4 years later traveled to Vienna-Austria, to learn more about music. Music never stops, so he is constantly learning more and more about it. He also teaches guitar since 1990, with great passion, and had lots of students over the years. His styles include jazz, rock and fusion, and he is open to learn other styles since' than to this day. He has plenty of performance experience under his belt, playing a lot of different styles, from top 40 to his own compositions as well. In 2000 he opened IMA (Instituto de Musica Annuseck), and had a lot of happy students and teacher by his side. Later on he had lessons with the great brazilian jazz guitarist Aldo Landi, and it was earth shaking. They become great friends, and talk about jazz material since' then. He also had the opportunity to involve in  the art of recording, mixing, and producing. Today  he continued pursuing his passion through the art of music education and continues to enjoy working with students and musicians in general. As a teacher, he's  greatest joy is to see the same passion in his students, and helping them to be the best they can possibly be!

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