My name is Marco, I studied graphic and design to MILAN, in years to come I always updated my graphic knowledge. I started working life as an employee in a company of Graphic Arts, the number one in ITALY AND EUROPE. After this job I work in a steel industry of my uncle with 15 people, as a storekeeper and quickly became store manager and sales. I had to learn how to sell directly and indirectly, that is the marketing. After a few years I decide to make the seller, only sales. I decide to close the sale in the woodworking industry, with over 400 customers in the province of Bergamo (ITALY), where at the time the habitants were 850,000 and working only at the phone for three hours a day with a good salary. Meanwhile having many free time and I follow various marketing courses online and not online, inevitably have to learn use computer as a result I had to do various courses and all I was very impressed. In 1994 I learn the art of Hail dent removal, paintless dent removal, paintless dent repair and immediately open a company in this sector. in europe with this technique car is not devalued by its initial value, repair should be performed in a workmanlike manner and you can not pick holes in the car and put the rubber stoppers to cover these holes.

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